Hair and Make up artists work well together :)

Your wedding morning is a time for you to enjoy relaxing with your closest family and friends and get pampered! The beauty team is there to help you get that pampering, more specifically, hair and make up artists! We are well oiled machines who have seen many bridal mornings and we work really well together. 

Today I thought I would list a few reasons why we work so well together, after all we both have a common goal and that is making you, the bride and your party, look and feel beautiful on your wedding day. 

Here are some reasons why we complement each other’s work: 

1. Coordination: 

The hairstylist and makeup artist must work together to ensure that the bride’s hair and makeup complement each other and create a timeless look. This involves having a great trial and having shared photos of each trial with the other so we can complement each other’s work. 

2. Timing: 

Both hairstyling and makeup application take time, and it is essential that the hairstylist and makeup artist coordinate their schedules to ensure that the bride is ready on time for her wedding, we do this by creating a time table in advance and explain the timing of each person sitting on the seat to make sure everyone gets their time to look amazing. - On this note, always make sure you tell everyone in your party to make sure not to miss their slot!

3. Expertise: 

Having worked in the industry we have a good base of knowledge not only about your hair and makeup but also about the morning itself, when everyone should get dressed, when flowers should get out of water, when the photographer may want you all ready by. 

4. Creative input: 

We inspire each other, watching each other work. We can come up with fun new looks that make you feel even better than you imagined!

5. Calming presence: 

On the day of the wedding, brides may feel nervous or stressed, so having both the hairstylist and makeup artist working together can create a calming presence and help the bride feel more relaxed. We are the best ice breakers, there are a few make up artists I work with whom I’ve developed a relationship with which we have fun banter with to keep the morning light. 

Ultimately, both the hairstylist and makeup artist are instrumental in creating a bride’s wedding day look. By working collaboratively, they can ensure that the bride looks and feels her best on this special day. 

On that note here are some of my favourite make up artists to work with:

Hannah Finn 

Hannah Dora 

Ms Moo Make up 

Ruby Jones

Ali Gunn 

Rachel Lewan

Photo credits from the top:

Emily Jayne & Laura Jayne

Pear Bear Photography 

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