1. Have you booked your videographer?

    2023-07-11 11:09:54 UTC
    The decision of whether to book a videographer for your special day can sometimes spark debate. However, in my opinion, it goes beyond being just a want—it becomes a genuine need. Let me explain why We often label our wedding day as the happiest day of our lives. In this…

  2. Hair and Make up artists work well together :)

    2023-05-16 09:57:50 UTC
    Your wedding morning is a time for you to enjoy relaxing with your closest family and friends and get pampered! The beauty team is there to help you get that pampering, more specifically, hair and make up artists! We are well oiled machines who have seen many bridal mornings and…

  3. The world of bridal hair accessories….

    2023-05-09 09:15:22 UTC
    Throughout my years in the bridal hairstyling world, I have had the opportunity to work with a vast amount of different hair accessories. As a result, I have gained considerable knowledge of what’s available on the market nowadays, and which ones are perfect for your bridal look. From hairpins to…

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