Have you booked your videographer?

The decision of whether to book a videographer for your special day can sometimes spark debate. However, in my opinion, it goes beyond being just a want—it becomes a genuine need. Let me explain why.

We often label our wedding day as the happiest day of our lives. In this fast-paced and busy world we live in, we are constantly on the go. So, it’s essential for us to take a moment to sit down and relive the joyous memories of that remarkable day. And what better way to refocus and uplift our spirits than by experiencing the magic all over again, thanks to a beautifully captured video?

In light of this, I recently had the opportunity to interview Joel from White Ark Weddings—an expert videographer—seeking insights into the significance of their services and the invaluable moments they capture.

What inspired you to become a wedding videographer?

Craftsmen have run in my family for generations. I come from Dorset, a small town in the south of England, near Gussage St Michael, where my great-great-grandad was a blacksmith in the village. During the war, he was the man in the village to put the shoes on the horses. Not every horse was friendly! This family business has been passed down, and my own father now designs with metals. Regardless of the art, attention to fine detail and creativity were inherited. I found growing up my interests gravitated towards my love for cinema & art.

I’ve adored photography & video since a child; my earliest memories are filled with snapping photographs in the countryside and re-creating movies with my family & friends. At age ten, I was well known on my street for directing movies with no permits, normally involving fake guns, with my youngest sister hostage.

I moved to London to further my education in film and found myself in weddings naturally a few years after. My first job was shooting my sister’s garden wedding. We tossed metres of white ribbon from the big oak trees under the marquee. It was a wonderful day in Dorset, full of birds singing and sunshine. A few months after, I ended up attending other people’s weddings and documenting them; the rest was history!

How do you prepare for a wedding shoot? Are there any specific questions you ask the couple ahead of time?

Creating films that document a couple’s most special day is an honour. I’m solely devoted to making the perfect time capsule for each couple.

Leading up to the wedding day, we exchange lots of emails and normally chat on the phone. I keep my approach simple. I’m old-fashioned in the sense that I like to send out forms that need to be filled in. This gives me the most amount of detail I can attain. I also love to listen to music the couple enjoys; this helps me understand their aesthetics.

Couples book me for my style and storytelling, but I’m always moulding my technique to the sensitivity of the couple. It’s a beautiful thing to create work bespoke for each couple.

What is your approach to capturing candid moments during a wedding?

Invisible cape! We try, when possible, to take a more wildlife photography approach to the day. Lenses - 50mm, 85mm help. We try never to be too close and in eyesight!

How do you balance capturing the important moments of the day with being unobtrusive and not disrupting the flow of events?

I believe photographers and videographers should be discreet the whole day; we’re documenting the day and not interfering with it. It’s the couple’s special day! Knowing what the couple wants beforehand prevents any disruptions! I document the day however the couple wants, and this is cleared out in my written form. When it comes down to capturing special moments, 50

& 85mm means you can shoot further away, keeping all candids.What advice do you have for couples who feel awkward in front of the camera?

Have fun with us and enjoy the whole process. I’m more like an old grandad snapping shots!

Do you work with the photographer to ensure that you’re both able to capture the best shots possible? If so, how do you collaborate with them?

We always work with the photographer; we’re a team. Two minds are stronger than one.

How do you handle audio during the ceremony and speeches? Do you use external audio recorders or rely on the camera’s internal microphone?

A discreet mic in the groom’s pocket.

What kind of equipment do you use to capture and edit wedding videos?

Sony, Red Komodo for bigger films. 24mm, 50mm & 85mm. Final Cut Pro / DaVinci Resolve.

Can you walk us through your process for editing and delivering wedding videos?

Looking through the footage to find the most authentic, truthful moments.

Editing is the longest part of the process. I go through every single shot taken on the day and watch through everything.

I’m a very big perfectionist when it comes to editing as it’s where the magic happens, and you craft the story.

The most beautiful moments are the ones of friendship, happiness, tears, and love. My couples love these moments, especially when they have no idea I’ve captured them! What a splendid surprise. Every time I capture a golden moment, I feel very proud of myself, knowing a little bit of treasure has been recorded down in history with my camera. A little gem to age like good wine!

Finally, do you have any general advice for couples who are planning their wedding day and want to ensure they get the best possible video?

Book the videographer that you love!!!!!!

Joel - White Ark Wedding Videography

Joel - White Ark Wedding Videography

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Full list of suppliers to achieve the styled shoot in the video: 

Photography - @paulinawalshphotography

Venue - @fillongleyhall

Planner - @thatblackandwhitecatweddings

Dress - @bridalwarwickshire

Flowers - @primroseavenuefloral

Styling - @buntingandwillowweddings

Models - @a.modernromance

Cake - @gracenelsoncakeartistry

Stationery - @loveflorastudioco_

Rings - @london_victorian_ring_co

Make up @hannahfinnmakeup

Hair @moiraborgbridalhairstylist  

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